Andy OFarrell

People Who Escalat

A moving staircase consisting of an endlessly circulating belt of steps…
This is an ongoing project and I shot the following images over a 10 week period during 2023.
Setting my camera up on a bollard outside the A10 exit of Liverpool Street station, I focused on the top of the escalator to catch people as they came off the conveyor belt, faces glued to phones or coffee cups in hand (recyclable, of course).
I watched and wondered where these people were going.  No doubt some were off to work, places to be, people to see, important appointments, lovers trysts, a round of golf, tourists (heads stuck in Google Maps) while a few were definitely locals-you could tell by the way they accelerated off the escalator and knew exactly where they were headed.
The series is far from over. It’s an escalator that just keeps on giving.